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Our flagship event, the Material Innovation Conference (MIC), is held annually, and it focuses on addressing critical issues and providing unique perspectives on the next-gen materials industry’s innovation journey from concept to commercialization. Retailers, brands, entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, academia, business incubators, raw material suppliers, mills, and philanthropies are all part of the industry ecosystem that is represented at this one-of-a-kind global event.

On May 18th-19th 2022, we held the inaugural Material Innovation Initiative Conference, which explored opportunities and challenges in accelerating the development and commercialization of next-gen materials. The conference featured 74 expert speakers from leading brands, investment firms, material companies, academic institutions, raw material suppliers, mills, nonprofits, and foundations. We welcomed more than 340 attendees to our virtual conference and our attendees held more than 150 networking meetings with one another over the course of just two days.


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Learn more about the impact of our inaugural conference in our post-conference report.

The Material Innovation Conference 2023 will be based on five thematic pillars:

  1. Sustainability of Next-Gen Materials
  2. Industry Disruption
  3. Partnerships: Fashion Brands and Material Companies
  4. The Supply Chain
  5. Performance of Next-Gen Materials

We invite you to learn more about the Material Innovation Conference 2023 and register your interest here. We will inform you as soon as our agenda is confirmed.

MII Conference and Networking for Next Gen Materials

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“The Material Innovation Conference represents the action we need to take in order to change the path of destruction our industry is on. I’m inspired to be a part of this true collaborative effort, to learn from others, and to share my experiences of leading innovation in apparel.”

Pasha Whitmire

Material Development Lead, Patagonia

“It takes a village to change the world — by gathering together the market insights, scientific expertise, and vision to see past the status quo, MII is doing crucial work on behalf of the products and solutions that will meet humanity’s material needs sustainably, ethically, and at scale. Together, we are creating the community that will make it so.”

Gavin McIntyre

Co-Founder & Chief Commercialization Officer, Forager

“We are at the forefront of a revolution in material innovation within the fashion industry. I’m eager to partner [with] and support MII in the critical effort to protect our planet.”

Michael Preysmen

Founder, Executive Chair, & Climate Lead, Everlane, Conference Chair

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Discover recent advances in science and technology that are paving the way for next-gen innovation which meet the sustainability, performance, aesthetic, and price needs of brands and consumers, including precision fermentation, tissue engineering and bioprinting, mycelial growth, novel composites technologies, and bioplastics.

Navigate business strategies for material companies and brands to successfully collaborate, balancing internal R&D, IP considerations and openness to partnerships with profitability, scalability, and supply chain challenges.

Uncover whitespace and investment opportunities for significant financial, environmental, and social return in the next-generation materials industry.

(Material company, investor, research, media, apparel brand, automotive company, home goods company, Think Tank, NGO, government agency, other - please specify)
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