The Material Innovation Initiative conducts world-class research that spurs investments and partnerships and helps scale next-gen material innovations. Our reports, publications, factsheets, and databases analyze the state of the next-gen materials industry, map white space opportunities, advise entrepreneurs and next-gen material companies, and connect investors to exceptional investment opportunities.



White Space #1: Sub-categories with Limited Innovation

  In 2021, in collaboration with The Mills Fabrica, we published our first White Space report for next-gen materials that identified seven key white spaces—the unmet and unarticulated needs of the industry. In 2024, we’re bringing you a new series of reports on each white space, each one a comprehensive look at everything you need […]

Next-Gen Materials Lookbook: May 2024

  In the fifth installment of our monthly next-gen “lookbooks”, we’ve rounded up an exciting 13 new product releases and announcements from next-gen innovators. From the Costume Institute’s annual Met Gala to Formula 1 Racing, next-gen materials were out with force in the month of May. Next-gen at the biggest night in fashion: Kicking off […]

Next-Gen Materials Lookbook: April 2024

  Welcome to the fourth installment in our series of monthly next-gen “lookbooks” where we highlight the most exciting collaborations in next-gen materials from April 2024. In this report we’ve showcased 18 note-worthy collaborations from global brands and start-ups alike across the range of next-gen materials, from wool, to down, to silk, to leather. Big […]

Annual Report: 2023

We hope you will be inspired to learn more about the next-gen materials industry after your journey through the stories and triumphs that fill MII’s 2023 Annual Report. Our stories reflect the promise and uniqueness of the next-gen materials industry, representing an awe-inspiring blend of beauty, nature, innovation, and technology. A few highlights: Since our founding in […]

Next-Gen Materials Lookbook March 2024

Introducing the third in our series on monthly ‘lookbooks‘, highlighting the most exciting collaborations in next-gen materials from March 2024. In this report we’ve showcased 8 collaborations featuring the next-gen materials innovators NFW, MycoWorks, Vegea, Mabel Industries and Pangaia. Global brands including BMW, Reformation and Stella McCartney debuted new products made from next-gen leather and […]

What Makes Fur, Fur? Report

Tailored for scientists, entrepreneurs, material innovators, investors and brands, this report examines the unique properties of fur, its environmental and animal impact, and why we need next-gen alternatives that are more sustainable and humane.

Next-Gen Materials Lookbook: February 2024

We’re excited to release our second in the series of our monthly ‘lookbooks’, highlighting the most exciting collaborations in next-gen materials from February 2024. In the report we’ve showcased 16 collaborations featuring next-gen materials innovators like Modern Meadow, Circ, Ponda, MycoWorks and more. Global  brands including BMW, Reformation and Stone Island debuted new products made from […]

2023 State of the Industry Report: Next-Gen Materials

The adoption of next-gen materials that are high-performance, animal-free, and environmentally preferable is key to shift the world away from reliance on unsustainable material supplies and practices. To this end, Material Innovation Initiative (MII) has continued to produce and share research, connect and engage, educate, and advocate. This is the fourth State of the Industry Report: Next-Gen Materials offered by MII, covering the year of 2023.

Next-Gen Materials Lookbook: January 2024

In the first of many monthly ‘look books’, this report highlights the collaborations between global brands and next-gen innovators in January 2024.This report showcases 17 of the most exciting collaborations across next-gen leather, wool, silk and fur.

Brand Engagement with Next-Gen Materials: 2023

The Next-Gen Material Revolution continues to build and strengthen! We saw more next-gen companies open factory doors and take production orders. We saw an explosion of collaborations between innovators working with both large and small brands around the globe. Enter your details below to download the report and dive into the collaborations that accelerated the […]

What Makes Silk, Silk? Revisited 2023

An update on our 2021 Silk Report, What Makes Silk, Silk? Revisited 2023 dives into the silk industry, highlighting key opportunities and challenges in harnessing next-gen silk. Tailored for scientists, textile suppliers, and material innovators, this report examines the unique properties of silk and explores next-gen alternatives that are more sustainable and humane. In this […]

MIC 2023 Post Event Report

The Material Innovation Conference (MIC) works to advance the next-gen materials industry by sharing vital expertise and bringing together all key players along the innovation path from concept to commercialization. With 37 expert speakers from leading brands, investors, next-gen material companies, academics, raw material suppliers, mills, and nonprofits, the event explored opportunities and challenges in accelerating the commercialization of next-gen materials.

Annual Report: 2022

We held our first Material Innovation Conference, which convened hundreds of industry leaders and explored opportunities in accelerating the development and commercialization of next-gen materials. We launched the Environmental Data Coalition, a group of more than 40 scientists, investors, material companies, and brands who are committed to solving the next-gen materials industry’s greatest sustainability evaluation challenges. We saw more than $455M invested in next-gen material companies. We held more than 760 meetings with leading brands, material companies, investors, and other key stakeholders. 

MAY, 2023 U.S. Consumer Research

In Partnership with North Mountain Consulting Group

A May 2023 Consumer Research Report shows nearly all survey participants (92%) stated they were at least somewhat open to purchasing next-gen materials, including 51% who were somewhat or moderately likely to purchase, and 41% who were very or extremely likely to purchase, in place of conventional animal products and current-generation synthetics. The report was produced in partnership with Material Innovation Initiative (MII) and North Mountain Consulting Group.

2022 State Of The Industry Report: Next-Gen Materials

Next-gen material companies raised at least US$456.75 million from 28 publicly disclosed deals in 2022. The 2022 State of the Industry Report: Next-gen Materials highlights the investments, innovation, and industry partnerships that significantly impacted the next-gen materials industry in 2022.

Brand Engagement with Next-Gen Materials: 2022

  Next-gen material innovators continued to iterate and scale in 2022. We saw some remarkable collaborations and progress. We learned that brands are truly seeking alternatives to the current unsustainable products. Considering how few innovators were scaled in 2022, we found this year to be impressive. If you’re paying attention, you know that we are […]

Impact of Synthetic Materials on Animals

Fossil fuel-derived synthetic fibers, which are nonrenewable and nonbiodegradable, currently comprise approximately 60% of materials used by the fashion, automotive, and home goods industries and are projected to comprise approximately 70% of materials by 2030. Synthetic materials contain microplastics, which accumulate and persist in ecosystems for hundreds of years, as well as toxins that poison ecosystems, harm animals, and fuel climate change.

2021 State of the Industry Report: Next-Gen Materials

This report covers the growth and investments in next-gen materials through the end of 2021. It summarizes the key participants, the driving forces accelerating material innovation, and the latest investment data for next-gen materials.

MII’s 2021 Annual Report

We work to accelerate the development of high-performance, animal-free, and more sustainable materials for the fashion, automotive, and home goods industries. We partner with scientists, startups, brands, and retailers to bring these next-gen materials to market. Read our 2021 Annual Report to get a fuller picture of our impact.

Brand Engagement with Next-Gen Materials: 2021

This report details how more than 100 leading brands are using next-gen materials to meet shifting consumer demand, increase environmental sustainability, and address growing animal welfare concerns. 

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