MIC 2023 Post Event Report

Jul 20, 2023

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The Material Innovation Conference (MIC) works to advance the next-gen materials industry by sharing vital expertise and bringing together all key players along the innovation path from concept to commercialization.

With 37 expert speakers from leading brands, investors, next-gen material companies, academics, raw material suppliers, mills, and nonprofits, the event explored opportunities and challenges in accelerating the commercialization of next-gen materials.


Small wallet, Image Courtesy of ModernSynthesis

Image Courtesy of ModernSynthesis


Nearly 200 attendees came together virtually for three days, representing 28 countries from across the globe, to discuss the development and adoption of next-gen materials that can outcompete their animal-derived counterparts, not only in terms of sustainability and ethics, but also performance, price, and aesthetic.


Woman with bag, Image Courtesy of von Holzhausen

Image Courtesy of von Holzhausen


The report offers highlights and insights from MIC 2023, and shares select learnings distilled from hours of discussion by expert panelists, speakers, and moderators. Find out more about the conference and learn about Sustainability of Next-Gen Materials, Path to Market, Partnerships: Fashion Brands and Material Companies, Messages to Material Companies, and Messages to Brands.

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