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MII is the knowledge partner, ideas generator, facilitator, and connector in the next-gen materials industry. We work to bring high-quality, aesthetically appealing, price-competitive, and environmentally sustainable next-gen materials that are produced at a sufficient scale to reach the mass market.

Our three core programs are Science & Technology, Innovation, and Brand Partnerships.

Science & Technology

Material Testing and Science - Material Innovation Initiative

Revolutionary science and technology are the foundation of next-gen materials innovation. MII’s SciTech team serves as the leading resource for scientists, material innovation companies, investors, and other stakeholders to gain insights into scientific trends and technologies in the materials industry. We provide open-access scientific insights and research, stimulate new start-ups, inform investments, foster a network of researchers across the industry, provide technical advice for next-gen materials companies, and develop best practices for environmental impact analysis.

Learn more about our SciTech work here


MII Resources and Reviews

Next-gen material entrepreneurs, companies, and investors are the engines of progress in the material innovation economy. MII’s Innovation team serves as the leading resource for innovators, start-ups, venture capitalists, and brands to gain insights into current and expected innovation trends in the materials industry. We create resources that analyze the state of the industry, map whitespace opportunities, advise next-gen material companies, and boost investments for innovation in this space.

Learn more about our Innovation work here

Brand Partnerships

Leather Interior, Next Gen Leather, Plant Based

Next-gen materials will only become mainstream with the support and adoption by global brands. MII’s Brand Partnerships team serves as the leading resource for global brands to gain insights into current and expected trends and technologies in the industry. We provide our expertise to brands on investing, sourcing, and partnering with next-gen material companies. We also share industry and technology overviews, offer positioning advice and marketing support, and make introductions to next-gen material companies.

Learn more about our Brand Partnerships work here

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