Our People

At MII, our mission is at the forefront of all we do, and we embrace integrity and bold creativity to reach our goals. We are approachable, collaborative, innovative, and climate-conscious.

Our Team


Nicole - Material Innovation
Nicole Rawling

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

MII Team - Sydney Gladman
Sydney Gladman

Chief Scientific Officer

MII - Elaine
Elaine Siu

Chief Innovation Officer

elissa rossen - mii team
Elissa Rosen

Chief Partnerships Officer

Cortney - MII People
Cortney Busch

Chief Operations Officer

MII Team - Pari
Pari Trivedi

Chief Communications Officer

Ranjani - People
Ranjani Theregowda

Environmental Data Scientist

Thomasin - MII People
Thomasine Dolan Dow

Fashion Design Specialist

People - Fernanda
Fernanda Mota

Communications Coordinator

Camilla - MII People
Camilla Souza

Project Coordinator

Interested in Working at MII?

If you are interested in exploring a career with MII, Please visit our Careers page to learn about recent job opportunities.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, consisting of exceptional individuals, determines MII’s mission and purpose. They are responsible for fulfilling fiduciary obligations as MII’s highest leadership body and upholding our reputation. Our directors certify and oversee the organization’s services and programs.

Siddharth Hariharan Headshot
Siddharth Hariharan


Managing Director at Rothschild & Co

Jacqueline Kravette - Board of directors

President and Director

Senior Account Executive, OpenTable

Linn Caudell - MII Board of Directors


Senior Director of Finance, Integer Holdings Corporation

MII Board of Directors - Naomi Sachs


Interim Chief Operating Officer, Joywell Foods

Mii Board of Directors - Amy Rosenfeld


Senior Vice President, NBC Sports

MII Board of Directors - Kristy Stevenson
Kristy Stevenson


Global Human Rights & Sustainable Operations, HP

MII Board of Directors - John


Director of Fashion, Marist College

MII Board of Directors - Elizabeth Novogratz


Founder and President at Species Unite

Advisory council

MII’s Advisory Councils include a variety of experts from around the world who advise and assist MII’s Board and staff. They are made up of distinguished founders, CEOs, consultants partners at major investment and venture capital firms, and experts in everything from finance and animal law to photography and synthetic biology.

Our three advisory councils are Brand, Investment, and Science and Technology.

Brand PartnershipS Council

Advisory Council - Tina Bhojwani
Tina Bhojwani

Co-Founder & CEO at AERA

Advisory - Pasha Whitmire
Pasha Whitmire

Material Development Leader at Gore

Advisory - John Pletzke
John Pletzke

Former Global Sourcing at Kate Spade

Advisory - Tara St James
Tara St. James

Fashion Design & Sustainability

Advisory - Alexandra Plante
Alexandra Plante

Principal at Playbook For Innovation

Advisory - Lauren Bright
Lauren Bright

Fashion Sustainability

Advisory Council - Chase
Chase Kahmann

Innovation in Apparel and Footwear Specialist

Advisory - Alison Rabschnuk
Alison Rabschnuk

Business Development Director at Plant Protein at Kerry

Advisory - Tara Luckman
Tara Luckman

Co-Founder and Director at Flourish CSR

Advisory - Karine Kiicak
Karine Kicak

Sustainability Manager

Advisory - Jessica Kruger
Jessica Kruger

Founder of LUXTRA

Advisory - Christine Goulay
Christine Goulay

Founder of Sustainable Advisory Services

Liz Alessi, Brand Partnership Council, MII, Headshot
Liz Alessi

Senior Consultant to the Executive Creative Director at Coach

Investment COuncil

Advisory - Amy Trakinski
Amy Trakinski

Managing Director at VegInvest

Advisory - Taylor Davis
Taylor Davis

Specialized Investment Research at Slate Path Capital

Advisory - Mark Langley
Mark Langley

Managing Partner at Unovis Asset Mgmt. & New Crop Capital

Advisory - MIchiel Van Deursen
Michiel van Deursen

Vegan Investor at Capital V

Advisory - Corinna Chen
Corinna Chen

Partner at Material Impact

Advisory - Macy Marriott
Macy Marriott

Director at GlassWall Syndicate

Advisory - Heather Courtney
Heather Courtney

CEO at Alwyn Capital

Advisory - Karla Mora
Karla Mora

Founder & Managing Partner at Alante Capital

Advisory - Elise Bernal
Elise Bernal

Impact Finance Advisor & Investor

Science and Technology Council

Advisory - David Kolesky
David Kolesky

Biotechnology & Entrepreneurship

Advisory - Noeemi Kaufmann
Noëmi Kaufmann

Circular Economy & Agricultural Side Stream Valorization

Advisory - Helen Zha
Helen Zha

Recombinant Silk Protein

Advisory - Claudia Richardson
Claudia Richardson

Material Innovation at Allbirds

Advisory - Amy Landis
Amy E. Landis

Professor. Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Advisory - Lauren Demody
Lauren Dermody

Synthetic Biology

Advisory - Erin Rees
Erin Rees Clayton

Associate Director of Science & Technology

Advisory - Jayaranjan Anthonypillai
Jayaranjan Anthonypillai

Co-founder & Managing Partner at Focus Academy

Advisory - Sandra Bohne
Sandra Bohne

Natural Fibers & Waste Valorization

Advisory - Lewis Shuler
Lewis Shuler

Head of Innovation at Alpine Group

Advisory - David Kaplan
David Kaplan

Ph.D. & Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Our Patrons

Our patrons advise and counsel us on our programs and initiatives. MII recognizes their vital contribution to raising our profile publicly and is grateful for their continuous support.

Patrons - David Meyer

CEO at Food Systems

Patrons - Josh Hanosh

Founder of Dedicated Designs

Patron - Liz Friedland

Brand, Marketing & Communications Strategist

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