How is MII funded?

The Material Innovation Initiative is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan organization devoted to accelerating the development of sustainable, animal-free next-gen materials through research, knowledge-sharing, and facilitating connections. We are dedicated to being a resource for material companies, scientists, brands, entrepreneurs, and others interested in fostering a global market for sustainable materials across the fashion, automotive, and home goods industries.

MII relies on charitable contributions from philanthropic foundations, corporations, and individual donors for our programs and operations-related expenditure. We also welcome sponsorship support for special initiatives, event series, and research fellowships.

What We Have Accomplished

With Your Help

  • We have established our core programming of Science and Technology, Innovation, Brand Partnerships, Communications, and Operations, and authored numerous highly respected and well-circulated reports.
  • We have partnered with major industry players and hosted two conferences.  We also established and run a next-gen material committee at the GlassWall Syndicate, a venture capital partnership with over 220 members.
  • We have also served as a valuable resource to numerous material companies, brands, scientists, and investors.
  • See some of our statistics, quotations about our work, and impact in our annual reports for 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. We would have never been able to do this without you. Thank you!
Nae Vegan shoes on beach - Credit - Nae Vegan Shoes x Piñatex

Nae Vegan Shoes on beach – Credit – Nae Vegan Shoes x Piñatex

OUR Next steps

Our goal is to create a circular economy for the fashion, automotive, and home goods industries.

In the coming years, we plan to globally scale our work through bold and transformative action that will make the sustainable option the easy option. We are excited about introducing these areas of work in the future and we need your help:


  1. Influence policy-making: By introducing fresh ideas on policy-making to spur sustainable development of the next-gen materials industry.
  2. Supply chain shift: Creating knowledge pathways for circular business models and white space opportunities to clean up unsustainable supply chains.
  3. Strengthen data-driven research in the textile industry: Conducting leading research and data analysis such as our consumer research in the US and China and our annual State of the Industry Report

FinaNcial Responsibility

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Founding Documents

IRS Exemption


Material Innovation decided from the beginning to perform self-audits. We believe opening our books to the public is only one method to meet our duty of transparency. Our audited financial statements can be found below.


GnL- Friday Clutch Bag - Credit - GnL

GnL- Friday Clutch Bag – Credit – GnL

990 Annual Tax Filings

You can find our previous 990s below. MII was incorporated in December 2019 and received its 501(c)(3) charitable status from the US Internal Revenue Service on May 14, 2020.

2020 990
2021 990
2022 990


We could not do what we do without the help of our most foundational funders, including:

Laudes Foundation Logo

Laudes Foundation

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Open Philanthropy Project

Mii Top Funders - Mobios Logo


Food System Innovations Logo

Food System Innovations

Annual Report 2023

We hope you will be inspired to learn more about the next-gen materials industry after your journey through the stories and triumphs that fill MII’s 2023 Annual Report. Our stories reflect the promise and uniqueness of the next-gen materials industry, representing an awe-inspiring blend of beauty, nature, innovation, and technology. A few highlights:

  • Since our founding in December of 2019, we have helped inspire more than 2.31 billion USD in investments into next-gen materials, and 504 million USD in 2023 alone.

  • Our 2023 research on U.S. consumer perceptions of next-gen materials demonstrates that the vast majority of U.S. consumers (92%) surveyed are likely to purchase next-gen products, representing an enormous opportunity for brands and other stakeholders to profit.

  • Brands are experiencing commercial success through their collaborations with next-gen innovators and in-house innovations. One of the most exciting industry developments in 2023 came from the luxury brand Gucci, which developed a next-gen leather called Demetra. Gucci received wide acclaim from the press for partnering with musician activist Billie Eilish to promote its iconic 1955 Horsebit bag in Demetra leather.

  • We were appointed by the New York City Mayor’s Office to serve on a task force that is responsible for sourcing more sustainable and humane materials for the entire city, including materials for office furniture, fire department uniforms, and MTA seats.

  • We increased the visibility of next-gen materials through our events across the world, from Israel to Malaysia, and through mainstream press and publications that have a combined readership of more than 100 million.

All of the achievements in our report were only made possible through the support of generous donors, savvy investors, ingenious innovators and scientists, and forward-looking brands. Together, we are creating a more sustainable, humane, and beautiful world.

MII’S Certifications

MII 2022 Guide Star
MII 2022 Great NonProfit
MII 2021 Animal Charity Evaluators


We are creating a collaborative ecosystem for the development of next-gen materials that are high-performance, animal-free, more sustainable, and that are considered true replacements for some of the most damaging materials on the market. If you would like to support us, you can do so in the donation link below.

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