Our Initiatives


MII spearheads initiatives designed to help material companies, scientists, brands, entrepreneurs, and investors identify the challenges in the next-gen materials industry and provide practical solutions. Our flagship initiatives create new pathways for innovation, connect diverse collaborators, and nurture a global market for sustainable materials.

Material Innovation Institute - Environmental Data Coalition

RESEARCH & Insights

The Material Innovation Initiative conducts world-class research that spurs investments and partnerships and helps scale next-gen material innovations. Our reports, publications, factsheets, and databases analyze the state of the next-gen materials industry, map white space opportunities, advise entrepreneurs and next-gen material companies, and connect investors to exceptional investment opportunities.

Material Innovation Conference - People getting together

next-gen innovation databases

The Material Innovation Initiative conducts pioneering research to advance the knowledge and development of next-gen materials. Our Next-Gen Innovation databases provide curated insights into the current landscape of companies developing innovative next-gen materials and resources.

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