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Revolutionary science and technology are the foundation of next-gen materials innovation. MII’s SciTech team serves as the leading resource for scientists, material innovation companies, investors, and others interested in gaining insights into scientific trends and technologies in the materials industry. The SciTech department accelerates the development of next-gen materials by sharing scientific and technological research, fostering connections, providing limited free consulting to material companies, and developing best practices for environmental impact analysis.

Developing Research and Insights

We identify critical, untapped next-gen materials research opportunities and help direct scientific exploration to the areas of greatest impact. Our experts provide open-access scientific insights and research to stimulate new start-ups and inform investments. We offer scientific guidance to industry partners and facilitate the adoption of next-gen materials for their specific needs. Our publicly available reports and web content offer insight into the scientific foundation of next-gen materials design, as well as the opportunities and challenges in creating the new material bioeconomy.

Innovator Database - Material Swatches of next gen leather

InnovatorS Database

Alongside the Innovation department, we track the latest innovation emerging from next-gen materials suppliers, keeping tabs on the latest technological trends and categories of material innovation.

HOT - Acoustic Wallpanels design by Irene van Ophoven for Interior brand Home Of Treasures - Credit - Irene van Ophoven x Piñatex
Credit – Irene van Ophoven x Piñatex

Disruptive Textile Technology List

Our SciTech team maintains a list of disruptive textile technologies, showcasing companies that are developing resources including polymers, resins, fibers, additives, dyes, colorants, and finishing agents. Next-gen innovators can use this database to access sustainable manufacturing and recovery solutions and improve the full life cycle of next-gen materials.

For a detailed analysis on the science of next-gen materials and key technical focus areas in the industry, read the latest reports authored by our SciTech team here.

Building the Next-Gen Materials Workforce

In collaboration with MII’s other teams, our SciTech experts help connect experienced, mission-aligned scientists with other researchers, entrepreneurs, material companies, and brands to foster new research, staff next-gen materials companies, advise current industry leaders, and create new start-ups.

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Consulting for Next-Gen Materials Companies & Other Stakeholders

Our SciTech department provides limited, free technical consulting to next-gen materials companies and other stakeholders. We assist next-gen start-ups with formulation development, troubleshooting, and connections to key resources.

Our Fashion Design Specialist, a member of our Brand Partnerships team, provides swatch and sample reviews for next-gen materials companies from the eyes of a seasoned designer. We support other core stakeholders across the next-gen materials industry by sharing high-level scientific primers and perspectives, making connections with scientists and innovators, conducting technical due diligence, and helping to navigate next-gen material landscapes.

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yarn spool close up - Credit - Kintra

Yarn spool close up – Credit – Kintra

Measuring & Analyzing Environmental Impact

Environmental Data Coalition

We lead the Environmental Data Coalition (EDC), which convenes key stakeholders to identify challenges in conducting environmental impact analyses of materials used in the fashion, automotive, and home goods industries. EDC members collaboratively develop industry-wide strategies to address these challenges and establish best practices for conducting comparative environmental impact analyses of next-gen, incumbent, and current-gen materials. We anticipate that the EDC’s findings will spur new innovations and partnerships among brands, material companies, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, suppliers, and other stakeholders for years to come.

Literature Review of Life Cycle Assessment Studies

Our SciTech team also maintains a growing collection of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies for incumbent, current-gen, and next-gen materials. Our literature review includes high-quality peer-reviewed research that benefits scientists, material companies, and brands across the textiles industry with an understanding of existing LCA research for materials in the fashion, automotive, and home goods industries.

Leading SciTech Educational Events

Our SciTech department participates in conferences, seminars, webinars, and other events to broadly disseminate the game-changing scientific advancements of next-gen materials. After every presentation, we follow up with attendees by offering: additional information on the topic area; in-depth conversations with the MII team; additional customized analysis of material companies, technologies, material performance and aesthetic, and environmental impact; and connections to material, fashion, automotive, and home goods companies.

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Work With Our SciTech Department

Whether you are a scientist, innovator, brand, investor, or other stakeholder dedicated to advancing the next-gen materials industry, MII’s SciTech department wants to hear from you! We’d love to support your work to advance the science and technology of next-gen materials innovation.

Interested in joining our SciTech team? Check out our job openings. 

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Fibers - Credit - Jon Brown Photographer x Werewool
Credit – Jon Brown Photographer x Werewool

Meet MII’s SciTech Team

MII Team - Sydney Gladman

Dr. Sydney Gladman, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Sydney Gladman, Ph.D. leads the Science & Technology (SciTech) program at MII as Chief Scientific Officer.

Under her leadership, the SciTech program provides critical open-access scientific research and guidance for industry partners, stimulates new start-ups to fill white space opportunities, fosters a network of researchers, and develops best practices for environmental impact analysis.

Sydney is a materials scientist who is passionate about sustainable materials and processes that harness the resources and principles of nature. She worked at the global scientific and engineering firm, Exponent, Inc for nearly five years before joining MII.

Sydney obtained her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Harvard University with previous education in Materials Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the University of Florida. Her research focused on bioinspired materials, including 3D/4D printing, bioprinting, self-healing, and anti-fouling materials.

Ranjani - People

Dr. Ranjani Theregowda, Environmental Data Scientist

Dr. Ranjani Theregowda, Ph.D. is an Environmental Data Scientist at MII.

As a member of MII’s SciTech team, Ranjani works to make environmental impact data related to textiles more accessible, consistent, and reliable for innovators, designers, and brands.

Ranjani is a certified Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR) evaluation professional specializing in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of diverse processes and products. Previously, she worked as a Senior Sustainability (LCA) Consultant for start-ups – Modern Meadow and Green Story, and EP3Data/Moorland Technologies. She has also worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Clemson University and the U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development (ORD).

Ranjani earned a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Scientific Advisory Council

MII’s Advisory Councils include a variety of experts from around the world who advise and assist MII’s Board and staff. Our Scientific Advisory Council includes founders, directors, and partners at research institutions and nonprofits, professors, consultants, entrepreneurs, and experts in everything from materials engineering to synthetic biology.

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