Advancing the next-gen materials revolution by connecting science and big ideas.

We are a think tank focused on research, knowledge-sharing, and fostering connections to fast-track the development of environmentally preferable and animal-free materials. We work to cultivate a global market for next-gen materials across the fashion, automotive, and home goods industries.

    Our three core programs are Science & Technology, Innovation, and Brand Partnerships.

    Material Innovation Institute - Environmental Data Coalition

    Environmental Data Coalition

    The Environmental Data Coalition (EDC) seeks to address the longstanding issues in the textiles industry’s environmental data analysis methods. EDC members will collaboratively develop industry-wide strategies to tackle challenges and establish best practices for conducting comparative environmental impact analyses of next-gen, incumbent, and current-gen materials.

    Medium Shopper Caramel and Chair - Credit - von Holzhausen

    Medium Shopper Caramel and Chair – Credit – von Holzhausen

    Material Innovation Conference 2023

    The Material Innovation Conference (MIC) is our annual flagship event exploring key issues and featuring exclusive insights on the innovation path from concept to commercialization in the next-gen materials industry. Attendees to this unique global event can expect to interact with an industry ecosystem of retailers, brands, entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, academia, business incubators, raw material suppliers, mills, and nonprofits.

    Who We Work With

    We are creating a collaborative ecosystem for the development of next-gen materials that are high-performance, animal-free, more sustainable, and that are considered true replacements for some of the most damaging materials on the market.

    For Scientists:

    Our experts produce assessments on notable next-gen materials and technologies. Using these findings, we connect with scientists and academics to drive critical research on the most promising innovations.

    For entrepreneurs and start-ups:

    We develop in-depth research on industry trends and insights, and tools for connecting with potential partners and investors. Using these free resources start-ups can save time and costs, redirecting their focus to developing innovative products.

    For investors:

    We provide investors with the latest and most accurate information about the next-gen materials market, critical insights into technologies, and a pipeline of investment opportunities.

    For brands and retailers:

    We partner with brands and retailers to help them meet their sustainability goals. We provide exclusive insights and help integrate new materials into their supply chains.

    For suppliers:

    We work to ensure that suppliers have the most up-to-date science and technology for the production of next-gen materials and that their materials meet the needs of brands and retail companies.

    Mii - Silk Weaving
    Piñatex Metallic Wrinkled Silver - Credit - Ananas Anam

    Credit – Ananas Anam

    Get in Contact with MII

    Think you fit in our ecosystem? MII would love to partner with you! Learn more about us or get in touch today.

    Is your company working in the next-gen materials space? Would you like to be featured in our Innovators Database or the Disruptive Textile Technology List? Please let us know about your company!

    Drying fibres - Credit - Ananas Anam

    Credit – Ananas Anam

    InnovatorS Database

    Our innovators database lists material companies creating next-gen materials that are animal-free and more sustainable alternatives to leather, silk, wool, down, fur, or exotic skins.

    Disruptive Textile Technology List

    Next-gen innovators also need access to sustainable manufacturing and recovery solutions, to accelerate commercialization and improve the full life cycle of next-gen materials. Our disruptive technology list showcases companies that are developing disruptive textile innovation resources including polymers, resins, fibers, additives, dyes, colorants, and finishing agents.

    Copia de 2 - Credit - Polybion

    Credit – Polybion


    We are creating a collaborative ecosystem for the development of next-gen materials that are high-performance, animal-free, more sustainable, and that are considered true replacements for some of the most damaging materials on the market. If you would like to support us, you can do so in the donation link below.

    Bego5 - Credit - Bego x Piñatex

    Credit – Bego x Piñatex


    Next Gen Animal Fur - Material Innovation

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    Our Insights


    Dear MII Supporter,

    Our 2023 Material Innovation Conference is now completely virtual instead of being held in New York. Due to the challenging economic climate, many companies have informed us that they can no longer afford to send representatives to the conference in person. Based on this information, we’ve decided to move the conference online as it will provide a better and more equitable experience for attendees worldwide. The conference is now taking place virtually from 21 – 23 June 2023.



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    The Material Innovation Conference (MIC) works to advance the next-gen materials industry by sharing vital expertise and bringing together all key players along the innovation path from concept to commercialization.


    Press Releases

    15 February 2023, Napa: The Material Innovation Initiative (MII) today launched the 2022 State of the Industry report: Next-gen Materials*. As per the report, next-gen mat...