Next-gen materials start-ups are the engines of progress in our material economy. MII’s Innovation department accelerates the development and commercialization of next-gen materials by sharing industry insights and resources, fostering connection amongst industry stakeholders via tools and events, igniting funding interest, and supporting investors to boost investments into the next-gen materials industry.

Developing Research and Insights

MII’s Innovation department creates industry resources that help stakeholders understand the state of the next-gen materials industry, analyze trends and bottlenecks, and identify white space opportunities to draw funding and talents towards the most impactful areas ripe for disruption. MII’s reports fill critical knowledge gaps and create more transparency across the next-gen materials ecosystem, providing a strong foundation for the industry to grow.

We also provide data and insights for investors to boost funding into this space.

MII’s in-depth resources save start-ups a tremendous amount of time and resources that they are able to redirect to developing their products. With our support, start-ups no longer need to measure the market size, make sense of trends, find partners, or track down funding all on their own, saving the industry significant time and resources.

Our publicly available reports and web content highlight next-gen materials industry trends, market insights, challenges, and opportunities for creating a new material bioeconomy.

Download our latest State of the Industry Report.

Fostering Connections Among Innovators, Start-ups, Venture Capitalists, and Brands

Our Innovation department develops tools and resources to help industry stakeholders find each other and make connections.

Explore the Innovators Database and Disruptive Textile Innovation Resources on our Next-Gen Innovation Landscape.

Our flagship event, the Material Innovation Conference (MIC), is held annually. Innovators, start-ups, retailers, brands, scientists, investors, academia, business incubators, raw material suppliers, mills, and philanthropies come together at this one-of-a-kind global event.

MII’s Innovation team also speaks at events and is regularly interviewed as a thought leader in this space. We address industry and investment trends and provide unique perspectives on the industry’s innovation journey from concept to commercialization.
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Boost Investments into the Next-Gen Materials Industry

We support mission-aligned investors by sharing our strategic insights and perspectives, connecting them with innovators and start-ups, and helping them navigate the next-gen materials landscape.

MII’s Fundraising Database

Companies that are actively fundraising can apply to add their fundraising details to MII’s Fundraising Database  to gain exposure to investors interested in next-gen materials.

MII’s Investor Database

We provide investors with access to MII’s Investor Database and notify them about the latest details of next-gen materials companies’ fundraising.

TENCEL™ Limited Edition x Orange Fiber Process_ph. Luca Distefano _ Orange Fiber - Credit - Luca Distefano Photographer x Orange Fiber

Credit – Luca Distefano Photographer x TENCEL™ Limited Edition Orange Fiber

Work With Our Innovation Department

If you are a next-gen materials start-up founder, make sure you request to add your company to the Innovators Database to get in front of other industry stakeholders. If you are an investor, make sure you opt in to MII’s Investor Database to get the latest on who’s fundraising!

Interested in joining our Innovation team? Check out our job openings or reach out for more information.


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Meet MII’s Innovation Team

MII Team - Elaine Su

Elaine Siu, Chief Innovation Officer

MII’s Chief Innovation Officer, Elaine Siu, has worked around the world to build emerging industries that will remove animals from supply chains. She has advised investors, start-ups, and corporations on everything from industry trends to business strategies. Ms. Siu has also worked with policymakers to level the playing field for better, more sustainable, animal-free products. Prior to MII, Elaine founded and managed the Good Food Institute’s operation in the Asia-Pacific region, and before that, she was co-leader of what is now Green Monday Ventures in Hong Kong. Elaine has over a decade of experience in corporate and finance law at Fidelity Worldwide Investment, Slaughter and May, and Simmons & Simmons. Elaine leads MII’s work with start-ups and investors.

Investment Advisory Council

MII’s Advisory Councils include a variety of experts from around the world who advise and assist MII’s Board and staff. Our Investment Advisory Council includes consultants, founders, CEOs, partners at major investment and venture capital firms, and experts in everything from finance and animal law to photography and synthetic biology.

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JUNE 21 - 23

Regarded as a 'mega-summit to accelerate the adoption of the next-gen materials,' the Material Innovation Conference hosts brilliant minds fueling the future of the next-gen materials industry, from concept to commercialization.