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The Material Innovation Initiative (MII) accelerates the development of sustainable and animal-free materials. In our News Center, you’ll find news, event announcements, press releases, and statements from MII’s leadership.

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15 February 2023, Napa: The Material Innovation Initiative (MII) today launched the 2022 State of the Industry report: Next-gen Materials*. As per the report, next-gen mat...

The Material Innovation Initiative (MII) issued a first-of-its-kind State of the Industry Report on next-gen materials. The report gives an introduction to this nascent industry, an overview of the key players involved, considers driving forces accelerating the development of next-gen materials, and provides market projections of the global wholesale market for next-gen materials. It is a valuable resource for material innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and brands considering entering the space.

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Why we need next-gen materials

Animal-derived materials, particularly leather, are widely used in the fashion, automotive, and home goods industries. Production of animal-derived materials drives climate change, environmental degradation, public health risks, and animal cruelty. The current generation of alternatives – petroleum-derived synthetics – also comes with serious environmental and social concerns. We need more sustainable, next-gen alternatives with optimal aesthetics and performance. A broad ecosystem of innovators is rapidly growing to address this urgent need.


The Material Innovation Initiative (MII) issued its second State of the Industry Report on next-gen materials covering 2021 growth and investments. The report offers a valuable introduction to this nascent industry, providing an overview of the key players involved, the driving forces accelerating material innovation, and latest investment data for next-gen materials.


Forager and Vivobarefoot discuss how brands can successfully work with next-gen materials in an interactive webinar co-hosted by MII.
To support the development and adoption of next-gen materials, the Mat...

Discover top brands’ strategies for meeting consumer demand for increased sustainability and animal-free products


Nonprofit The Material Innovation Initiative (MII) has just published the first-of-its-kind report, Brand Engagement with Next-Gen Materials: 2022 Landscape. This report details how UGG, Gucci, Mercedes-Benz, and more than 100 other leading companies in the fashion, automotive, and home goods industries are using next-gen materials to meet shifting consumer demand, increase environmental sustainability, and address growing animal welfare concerns.


Forager, MycoWorks, VitroLabs, Modern Meadow, NFW, Everlane and others partner with MII for the inaugural gathering of industry experts discussing the future of the material sectors


MII’s first-of-its-kind white space analysis of the materials industry details opportunities for animal-free, sustainable leather, down, wool, silk, fur, and exotic skins. A joint project with The Mills Fabrica, an investor and ecosystem builder in sustainable food and fashion, the report..

Over a third of consumers say they will pay more for sustainable, animal-free leather, wool, down, silk, fur, and exotic skins.


MII in the news

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There are at least eight companies across the globe using mycelium to make leather, per the 2021 MII report.

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New Nonprofit Focuses on Developing Sustainable Materials

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Investment in next-generation materials more than doubled in 2021 to nearly $1 billion, according to MII.

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The plant-based craze is coming for fashion

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