ACE selects the Material Innovation Initiative as 2022 Standout Charity

Nov 23, 2022 | News

2022 Standout Charity - MII

We are honored to announce that the Material Innovation Initiative has been recognized as a 2022 Standout Charity by Animal Charity Evaluators(ACE) for the second year in a row!

As a non-profit, non-partisan organization, we rely on the trustworthiness of our supporters to fulfill our mission: to accelerate the availability of high-quality, high-performance, animal-free, and environmentally preferred materials with a focus on replacing wool, silk, down, fur, and leather and their current-gen alternatives. Every year, ACE provides clear and actionable recommendations to donors who are seeking to find the highest impact uses for their donations. We appreciate ACE’s support because we know how important it is to earn and keep the trust of our donors.

Here’s what they have to say about us:

‘Developing and promoting alternatives to animal products is a promising way to transform the animal agriculture industry. We think that MII runs effective programs for increasing the availability of animal-free products and strengthening the animal advocacy movement. MII is one of the few charities focusing on alternatives to animal products for materials used in the fashion, automotive, and home goods industries, including invertebrates used in the silk industry. We find MII to be an excellent giving opportunity because of their strong programs aimed at increasing the availability of animal-free products and strengthening the animal advocacy movement.’

On Giving Tuesday (November 29), you, too, can support MII in its mission to create a cleaner, kinder world. Visit our Ways to Give page to learn more about how you can support us. You can also read ACE’s detailed review of our work here.

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