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The Material Innovation Initiative (MII) accelerates the development of sustainable and animal-free materials. In our News Center, you’ll find news, event announcements, press releases, and statements from MII’s leadership.

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Our 2023 Material Innovation Conference is now...

We are honored to announce that the Material Innovation Initiative...

Discover recent advances in science and technology that are paving...

Why we need next-gen materials

Animal-derived materials, particularly leather, are...

Discover top brands’ strategies for meeting consumer demand for increased


MII’s first-of-its-kind white space analysis of the materials industry details...

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There are at least eight companies across the globe using mycelium to make leather, per the 2021 MII report.

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New Nonprofit Focuses on Developing Sustainable Materials

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Investment in next-generation materials more than doubled in 2021 to nearly $1 billion, according to MII.

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The plant-based craze is coming for fashion

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