New Nonprofit Launches to Advance Development of Sustainable Materials

May 4, 2020 | Press Release

From your car’s interior to the clothes on your back, the materials we interact with every day have a profound impact on the environment. According to Kering, 72% of a brand’s environmental impact comes from their choice of raw materials. Consumers and companies alike are searching for sustainable solutions that are functional, fashionable, and cost-effective, but today’s options are few and far between.

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The race is on to bioengineer high-performance and carbon-neutral materials for the mass market as the majority of consumers (84 percent) demand sustainable products and scientists warn of pushing past our planetary boundaries.


A Material Innovation Initiative (MII) study done in collaboration with North Mountain Consulting Group shows that the scales have tipped away from animal leather and toward leather alternatives for many consumers in the U.S. According to the results, while many consumers value the performance and aesthetics of animal leather, the majority say they prefer leather alternatives for reasons that include environmental and other ethical considerations. The study also investigated messaging effectiveness and the willingness of consumers to pay more for alternatives


Material Innovation Initiative issued a report examining the unique properties of silk and exploring next-generation silk alternatives that are less harmful to both animals and the environment. The report’s author, MII’s Chief Scientific Officer Sydney Gladman, Ph.D., carefully considers the qualities of silk most important to fashion designers and expertly makes the latest material science accessible. This Silk Report is a one-of-a-kind resource for scientists, textile suppliers, and material innovators.