Free Webinar: Best Practices for Communicating Sustainability Based Innovation

Communicating Sustainability Webinar

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August 31, 1 pm ET



Sustainability Webinar

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Incorporating sustainability in new material innovations and startups is no longer optional – it is
a priority consideration for a growing group of investors, customers, supply chain partners, and
other stakeholders.

But the development of the sustainable innovation is just the first step. To fully realize the
potential requires effective communication of the benefits of the new material or startup.
Organizations new to sustainability or with new sustainable materials often struggle with how
to do so while avoiding the potential risks of greenwashing (appearing to be more sustainable
than can be substantiated) or greenblushing (appearing to be less sustainable than can be

This webinar covered best practices and case studies for how to most effectively leverage
sustainability-based innovation.

Presenter: Karen Martinsen Fleming, CMO, EarthShift Global
Host: Ranjani Theregowda, Environmental Data Scientist, Material Innovation Initiative


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