How can film, music and fashion help save the planet and animals?

Oct 18, 2023

On October 15th 2023, musician Tanya O’Callaghan moderated an exciting panel discussion, exploring the role of film, music and fashion in helping to save the planet and animals. Following a private streaming of SLAY, the panelists, Rebecca Cappelli, the creator of the film “Slay: The Fashion Industry’s Complicity in Animal Cruelty”, Nicole Rawling, Co-Founder & CEO of Material Innovation Initiative and musician and activist Moby came together to share their insights. They explored the cognitive dissonance between different animal-based materials in the fashion industry, such as fur, leather, silk, and wool. They also discussed the demand for next-gen materials, the importance of language in shaping consumer perceptions, and the need for more investment in the industry. The panelists emphasised the need to address the ethical treatment of animals in the fashion industry and the importance of activism in driving change. They also discussed the role of film, music, and fashion in raising awareness and promoting sustainable alternatives. The panel concluded with a call to action for individuals to support next-gen materials, buy less, and share more information about the industry.

It seems like a very achievable activist goal to replace animal skin with next-gen materials. I’m so inspired by this as an achievable activist goal. – Moby

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Watch the discussion on youtube below!