What Makes Silk, Silk? Revisited 2023

Jan 22, 2024

What Makes Silk, Silk 2023 Report Hero Photo

An update on our 2021 Silk Report, What Makes Silk, Silk? Revisited 2023 dives into the silk industry, highlighting key opportunities and challenges in harnessing next-gen silk. Tailored for scientists, textile suppliers, and material innovators, this report examines the unique properties of silk and explores next-gen alternatives that are more sustainable and humane.

In this report, you will find some highlights from the original report plus notable product and scientific updates from the past two years. For anyone interested in creating or investing in a next-gen silk product, the original report is still highly relevant and contains more detail than provided in this update.

By exploring the silk’s unique properties and innovation opportunities, this report is intended to inspire a new generation of scientists and entrepreneurs to develop high performance, luxurious, and sustainable next-gen silk materials.

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