Free Webinar: Anticipatory LCA—How It Supports Material Innovators

Event Date

August 17, 1 pm ET



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LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) has the potential to support significant global change by identifying
areas of impact and providing insights which can be used to reduce impacts. Until recently,
however, LCA has been difficult to apply during development when many of the process
parameters have yet to be defined. Anticipatory LCA was developed to answer that need.

Anticipatory LCA leverages LCA concepts along with uncertainty, scenario analysis, dynamic
LCA, underspecification and stakeholder concerns to answer developers’ questions about the
material they are innovating. The concept is more of an approach than a strict methodology,
enabling practitioners to use parts of the methodology as needed to answer those questions.

This webinar will introduce Anticipatory LCA and share how it can be used to support new
material development using a case study example.

Presenter: Lise Laurin, CEO, EarthShift Global
Host: Ranjani Theregowda, Environmental Data Scientist, Material Innovation Initiative




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