The Material Innovation Initiative conducts world-class research that spurs investments and partnerships and helps scale next-gen material innovations. Our reports, publications, factsheets, and databases analyze the state of the next-gen materials industry, map white space opportunities, advise entrepreneurs and next-gen material companies, and connect investors to exceptional investment opportunities.



Next-Gen Materials White Space Report 2021

This report, a joint project with The Mills Fabrica provides a white space analysis of the next-gen materials industry and a roadmap for innovators interested in developing next-gen materials.

What Makes Silk, Silk?

Tailored for scientists, textile suppliers, and material innovators, this report examines the unique properties of silk and explores next-gen alternatives that are more sustainable and humane.

Mycelium Leather Technology Assessment

This assessment describes how mycelium (the root structure of fungi) is revolutionizing the way leather is made and replacing its animal-derived counterparts.